Travel Business Portal

The travel business portal in Bangladesh provides the best price for our B2B travel partner. B2B Travel ID | B2B Travel Portal ID | B2B Travel Agent ID provide by zooFamily. It’s a school of travel inventory and technology, where you get all kinds of B2B solutions. To open a B2B ID click here and sign up for your account with us! Remember that our portal ID is for our travel agents, corporate and affiliate partners. For all, B2C has to pay a convenience fee, so after your register, the travel agent and corporate has to submit a trade license.  And affiliate partners have to submit their business cards & our office ID cards.


Benefits Of Our B2B  Travel Portal ID

There are tremendous benefits to using travel business portals, following are remarkable ones:

No Convenience Fee: As a platform fee we charge an amount from all of our clients which is called convenience fee. If you are a B2B partner then we will not charge this amount from you. It’s including flights, hotels, visas, and tours. So it’s really worth of to be our B2B travel portal partner.

Cost-Effective: Travel management portals often offer exclusive deals and discounts that are not available elsewhere. This can result in significant cost savings for customers.

Time-Saving: Booking travel arrangements through a travel management company can save customers time, as they do not have to visit multiple websites or travel agencies to compare prices and options.

Wide Range of Options: Travel business portals typically offer a wide range of travel options, including flights, hotels, tours, and rental cars, which allows customers to customize their travel arrangements to their specific needs and preferences.

Commission Module: The commission rate can range from 3% to 10%. We provide an airline commission module for all off-travel agents in Bangladesh. Here is our advance payment commission module for all travel agents in Bangladesh. Here is our special Airlines commission module:

  • Qatar Air: 7+1%
  • Etihad Air: 7+1% 
  • Malaysia Airlines: 7+1% (Business 7+2%)
  • US Bangla: 7+3% (International & Domestic)
  • Tata Sia Vistara: 7+1%
  • Cathay Pacific: 7+1%
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines: 7+1%
  • Other Airlines: 7% 

Our B2B Travel Portal Partner getting:

  • Partial Payment (T&C Applies)
  • Incredible Commission
  • GDS Training (T&C Applies)
  • Fortnight Credit Limit Up to Bank Guarantee (T&C Applies)
  • Dedicated PCC IDs (T&C Applies)
  • Ticket Issue Authority (T&C Applies)
  • 24/7 Support


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