IATA Membership | Be An IATA strategic partner: You don’t need cash, Only Bank Guarantee

If you want to start a business then most important your investment security. We Airways Office makes a business module where you can invest your money with 100% security. You may arise a question in your mind: how it’s possible? Yeah, it’s possible…..

Here is the way: “how you invest International Air Transport Association (IATA)”


First, you have to choose a travel agent who is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Make deal with the owner of the travel agents. If the owner agreed with a good deal, then you may start your business as a partner. Recently, we offered an attractive business proposal, which makes your money more secure and makes ensure your profit.


Here are the details of how you invest International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the Airways Office:

  1. Make an FDR (Fixed deposit) in your name, Enjoy Fixed Deposit interest from the Bank. And ask your bank to issue a bank guarantee for International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  2. We will not accept any cash, only the Bank guarantee. And against your bank guarantee, we give you the IATA portal access and GDS access to issue the air tickets. We want your involvement where you can control your money access and business.
  3. If you are a corporate or travel agent, then this module is fitted for your business. And without any extra charge, you get access to IATA and GDS issue authority. For that system, you do not need civil aviation or IATA license. Because Airways Office already has IATA and civil aviation license to operate the business.
  4.  You can enjoy all the facilities of IATA through by Airways Office. Where Airways Office and “your company” will maintain jointly IATA yearly cost only. And both companies will get all facilities equally from the IATA.
  5. No need for an extra charge to issue a ticket, with an agreement, be a partner of Airways Office and IATA. This is a great opportunity to start your travel business with the Airways office and IATA.

Those simple ways of agreement could give you freedom of business with the aviation and travel industry. We believe, our business module is very safer for a person or company. With our outstanding business module, you can be an airline-authorized agent. Airways Office is a very catchy name to start your business from any district of Bangladesh. The main part of the attraction is the security of investment. We think people will love our business module to start their business with Airways Office. If you invest in IATA, then you can start Airlines Dealership Business from Bangladesh. Here you go as per your wish and business module. With your investment, our company will give you a free OTA. Where you can markup your price and earn more!


Why you will invest in a travel company?

Do we think why I will invest in another person’s business? Yes, some people think that – why I will invest, I will make my new travel agent. But I think it is a wrong decision to make a new travel agent. Because the process is so long, after two years of business running, you can apply for civil aviation in Bangladesh. For civil aviation approval, you need a 900 sqft office. And few employees who are known about the ticketing system. If you get a civil aviation certificate then you have to go for airlines I’d and most important license IATA.  After that IATA achievement, you have to make a business module. Travel agents need a good technology team to run operating systems and software.

Nowadays in Bangladesh to start a new travel agent business needs a huge sum of money. People are coming into the travel industry with more than 10 core investments. So if you think you want to make travel agency business then you have to think big. If you don’t have a good investment then the aviation trade and travel industry are not for you. You may try but it’s way too difficult than your thoughts. And it is a highly risky business because of high transaction, ADM Policy, Due Policy, and many more. So wiser make an investment deal with any IATA travel agent, and enjoy the opportunity to work with the aviation and travel industry.

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