What is an online travel portal or OTA?

Online travel portals or online travel agents (OTAs) are websites such as Expedia, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, etc. A travel portal or website compares the prices of flights and hotels. As well as a tour portal working such as a listing of a tour and product, and visas,s portal is a portal where you control visa service from the portal. zooFamily –  travel agents community, has a large inventory of flight tickets, hotel rooms, and tours. That’s why people choose us for travel portal or website development. There are few companies in Bangladesh that provide travel technology and solutions. We zooFamily Online Travel Community one of them, provide OTA development and solutions. For interested persons or companies can knock us for travel technology and solutions. Our solutions are customizable as per your business module. You may contact as well with Zoo Travel Technology – Information Technology Company for your OTA development.

What type of booking engine can we create?

4 types of booking panels we can create. Those are:

  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • DMC Tour (Included Hajj & Umrah)
  • Visa

We have 3 packages for your OTA development. To know more, click our packages:

How do I create my OTA or travel portal website?

To create a travel booking website, you need to mind the following requirements:

  • Purchasing a domain name or sub-domain and hosting.
  • Choosing a CMS or technology partner that will power your site.
  • Selecting a travel booking website template.
  • Integrating your travel booking website with an API for tours, packages, flights, hotels, tickets, etc.
  • If you choose Whitelabel, then you don’t need any API.

Here Are Some Points You Have To Consider When Starting An Online Travel Agency.

  • Register the name of your agency and, if applicable, take a license as per your local laws.
  • Try to tag an IATA membership travel agent who has travel APIs.
  • Gain more knowledge about the travel industry, particularly the nice you want to concentrate.
  • Get your travel website designed by a professional company like zooIT Information Technology (Which has in-house travel inventory & IATA).
  • Do marketing with different offers & deals which suites on your business terms.
  • Utilize the power of tactics as per your business modules.
  • Create a good social media presence and brand.

Working With Travel Inventory & Technology:

  • 10+ Successful years of working with travel inventory & technology
  • A lot of Successfully Completed Projects
  • Professional and Experienced Team
  • Good Quality Control with a Competitive Price
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Timely Delivery
  • Global Clients
  • Following Ethical Process
  • Technically Strong System

Our OTA Development Features

  • We will set up your OTA on your domain or sub-domain.
  • Flight & Hotel Search engine API setup
  • Responsive layout with 100% mobile compatibility.
  • Easy and User-Friendly UI
  • B2C& B2B  Modules.
  • Payment gateway of your choice.
  • Connect your inventory to your own OTA.
  • Real-Time Availability, Booking & Cancellation
  • Mark-up and Discount Management
  • Balance Management System
  • CRM data and Customer Management System
  • Agent Management System
  • Email & SMS Integration
  • Accounts Management System
  • Admin And Customer Dashboard
  • Multi-Currency
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Mobile APPS Development Service Included
  • You can customize your OTA as per your wish

How much does it cost to build a travel website?

A travel portal with basic features would obviously cost lesser than one with advanced features. Moreover, a travel website with simple functionality usually costs is around $3500. The cost increases respectively for medium to high complex functionality apps. But white label price is comparably low price, around $650.

How do I integrate travel API on my website?

To start using travel APIs, developers need to integrate them first. As well as discuss the terms and conditions with the travel API provider and sign the agreement. When the travel API is implemented, a user of a third-party resource can connect to the system and start searching for details. As well you can buy our flight and hotel API.

What is Travel API Integration?

Travel API is a web service that brings together the best travel deals and content from global travel suppliers such as Hotel API, Flight API, and Tour. When the travel API is implemented, a user of a third-party resource can connect to the system and start searching for details. Know about Our flight and hotel API:

Flights API

Our flight API connected more than 750+ airlines including GDS carriers, low-cost carriers (LCCs) connecting various destinations in 170+ countries. This flight API is connected to Travelport, Sabre API, 1 Indian LCCs API, And a few individual airlines and travel agent’s APIs. The price of our flight API price is really affordable for a person or company. The price we are offering only 499$ for Flight API. Our API covered almost all airlines around the globe. Click here to check out our demo!

Hotels API

A total of 8,35,000+ accommodations including hotels, motels, villas, and hostels are available on our travel distribution platform.
In fact, you can add a property as per your wish with our system. We selling our Hotel API only for 650$. We believe our Hotel API price is really affordable for a person or company. Our Hotel API is very famous in the global travel market. We are providing very quality service with prices. Click here to check out our demo!

Tour DMC Portal

Our tour booking portal is a system that we built with PHP-Laravel. From the website, an admin has to upload the booking data, And users can book the data from the user panel. The whole combination of work depends on your business module. And a developer implements the module on a platform called by customs booking panel. For example – you are a Hajj & Umrah travel agent, then you need to upload your packages. And from the booking panel, a user will book the tour as per their demands. Click here to check out our demo!

Visa Portal

Our Visa portal is a system that we built with PHP-Laravel. From the website, an admin has to upload the visa requirement, And users can apply for the visa with the required documents. As a visa assistant, you will assist your client via this portal. For example – you are a visa assistant, and you collect your client all information and payment via this visa portal. A user can apply as per the visa module. Click here to check out our demo!


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