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Co-worker means someone you work with a similar job or level of responsibility, and shares space and costs as a part of work with a partnership. Join the hustle of a thriving community at Coworker. Whether you’re an independent professional or part of a large team, our dynamic workspace is the perfect place to call your own. With endless opportunities, Coworker is more than just a space – where a person will get more opportunities from the same industry. So come on in, grow your network, and become a Coworker with zooFamily!


Travel Business Co-worker workshop:

A travel business workshop is an interactive learning session designed to provide valuable insights and knowledge about various aspects of the travel industry. Between the workshops, you can grow yourself as a travel industry expert or professional. Our team and expertise will help you not only learn but also to do the business. Our main goal is to make you a business partner and lead the travel industry together. If you have good communications and basic digital marketing skills then our co-worker platform is a perfect spot for you. There are several reasons why a person should join a travel business workshop:

1. Business Opportunities:

The Bangladesh Online Travel Agency business market is growing very fast. The market is more than 5000 crore in a month in Bangladesh. But there are few operating travel businesses globally from Bangladesh. The opportunities are that big; you need smart and wise business partners in the travel industry in Bangladesh. And for that, you might need a wise partnership like us!

 2. Traveling Opprtuniteis:

When you run your own travel business, that means a lot of travel opportunities. The more you travel, the more experience you can share with your customers, blogs, and social media. The more you travel, the more you know about destinations to become an expert on a specific country or type of travel. As you’ll be working with many tour operators and holiday suppliers, there will often be opportunities for traveling.

3. Networking:

Travel business workshops bring together professionals, experts, and like-minded individuals from the industry. It’s an excellent opportunity to network, build relationships, and connect with potential partners, clients, or mentors. Together our networking can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and future business opportunities.

4. Social Status : 

Suppose you are an IATA travel agency involved in the aviation trade and travel industry. Then it is a prestigious issue and dignity that you are a member of civil aviation and IATA. Sometimes social status and designation of a company help to earn from society. Do you know what I mean? Yes, you know! Friends and family always will choose you or your “company” to buy any travel inventory: Such as air tickets, visa assistance, holiday packages, and more. And for that, you might need a wise partnership like us!

5. Smart Investment: 

To invest in a travel company is called smartness. Do you know why? Because working in the aviation and travel industry is always fun. You have many opportunities to get a lot of fun trips from your travel agents, airlines, and GDS companies. The whole year goes with many fun trips. Sometimes travel companies get many exciting corporate deals from airlines. Those deals help earn extra “incentives & profit, ” called smart investment.

6. Passive Income: 

When you can make an online travel agency (OTA) with your payment gateway, your shop is open 24/7. So there is a huge opportunity for your passive income. You may be sleeping, but your earnings are generating as your markup policy. And everyone dreams of that kind of passive income.

7. Global earning potentiality :

You can earn globally through an Online Travel Business with a global currency and payment gateway system. To earn globally, you have to manage first a payment gateway system. Where is it necessary to use your Online travel agency (OTA) portal to collect the booking and money? You can earn globally from the online travel market with the proper plan. And for that, you might need a wise partnership.

8. High Investment Security: 

You can’t see the money because all money is virtual, and a travel agent rolls over the money with a bank guarantee. So you have to be smart enough, like IATA. Suppose you maintain a good system, policy, people, and OTA software. Then there is no risk in the business, and it’s highly secured when you maintain everything yourself.

9. Without an office, you can earn by OTA:

The attractive part of an online travel business, you don’t need an office. You can earn money without an office with an OTA portal or website. If you buy an OTA system from us, your client can take the service from your website. As a website admin, you can markup the price as per percentage and make a profit with the given markup.  All the payments you will receive by your online payment gateway.

10. Happiness :

The most important part of work is happiness and passion. A person should build his/her career with happiness and passion. And happiness is the most important part of life. I think this is a job where you can find happiness; a person can earn money and travel with this job. So if you think you are that person who gives value to happiness, then this is the business you must start.

Overall, joining a travel business workshop can be an excellent investment of time and resources. It provides opportunities for learning, networking, and staying ahead in the dynamic travel industry. And working as a travel business co-worker can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. The travel industry offers various career growth opportunities. Starting as a travel business co-worker can be a stepping stone to roles such as travel consultant, travel agency owner, or travel service provider.

To join our Travel Business co-worker team, you have to maintain our Terms and Conditions:

  1. You have to be a co-worker in the aviation and travel industry, with a same category business person are allowed to work as our co-workers. And with our agreement signed, you can join our co-worker workshop.
  2. For our office desk and platform use, you have to give us 5000 BDT per co-worker monthly basis. This payment includes desk rent, office management costs, technical support, and accounts support costs.
  3. The market service charge, electricity bill, internet bill, peon bill, and food bill are sharing a basis as per co-worker’s team members. We will provide a co-worker with not only a desk or space but also devices, systems, IDs, phones, and clients.
  4. All co-worker has the right to use our platform assets such as an authorized Airlines ID, IATA, GDS ID, NDC ID, B2B ID, and meeting rooms.
  5. You have to sales of your travel service under one brand value. The cost of the account, technical team, and management will be borne by the zooFamily, not by the co-worker.
  6. A co-worker has the right to use any 3rd parties inventories or platform and zooFamily has the right to take their office property from co-workers. But all invoices are supposed to come from zooFamily brand value, without our brand invoice co-workers are not allowed to make a deal with clients. Because it is the security assurance under our brand value clients receiving a service, if anything arises between clients then zooFamily can resolve the issues.
  7. If you join our co-worker workshop, you are joining our team as well, so both parties have to be concerned equally about business terms and conditions, privacy policy, and security. And by accepting everything the co-worker joined our workshop.
  8. A co-worker can use our Google Maps, Facebook Page, Websites, Blogs, Office Team, and equipment. If any issues arise between co-worker & ZooFamily, then zooFamily has the right to make any decision to maintain their property and business.

We are looking for a Travel Agent’s co-worker, who is passionate about the travel business. You have to manage aviation and tourism-related services. Travel industry packages included flights, hotels, visas, and tour solutions and business. The goal is to keep our clients satisfied and loyal for future services. We will share our Websites, Phone Numbers, Google Maps, and Facebook Page for better service and outcomes.

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Our Product Partners & Opportunity:

We will share the profit and loss as 50:50 percent, and we will accept you as a co-worker partner under our brand. Only you need to download our agreement and sign the agreement. 1 month’s advance payment is required for the agreement to be signed.

The facility of our co-workers:

  1. FREE GDS ID, B2B ID, IATA ID, NDC ID, and Corporate ID.
  2. FREE Classroom joins & training.
  3. FREE Devices and Meeting room access.
  4. 50% profit share from flight, hotel, tour, visa, training, and OTA solution.
  5. 24/7 B2B Service assistants provide any travel and tourism services.
  6. Dedicated accounts maintenance support, including invoice, sales, profit, and loss maintenance and operations.
  7. Dedicated technical team and support for the business operations.
  8. The dedicated management and marketing team is ready to support every co-worker’s work and outcomes, which helps a co-worker’s income.

The difference between our affiliate partners and co-workers:

  1. Co-workers will get the office space & desk and have the right to use the official devices. However, affiliate partners don’t have the right to use office desks & devices. However, affiliate partners can use office space for client services.
  2. Co-workers have to share office space rent, affiliate partners aren’t required to share any costs or expenses.
  3. A co-worker is an internal part of our office where we will operate the business with a written agreement and affiliate partners are the external part of the office where we operate the business with a one-time order agreement via the website.
  4. Co-workers may have access to assets such as GDS ID, IATA membership, OTA subscription, and other B2B travel business products. Affiliate partners will have access to all B2B travel business products.
  5. The co-worker business module is a monthly paid business module and the affiliate partner is a non-paid business module.
  6. The business co-worker module is a partnership with zooFamily for mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties. The affiliate partnership offers opportunities for career growth and development.

If you need an office seat and space,  join our co-worker program. We have limited seats at our office, so we can not offer everyone to join our office. However, our affiliate partner program is an open platform for all.

Download Travel Agency Co-worker Agreement

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